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Gregory Dallas Chamber Newsletter

Gregory Dallas Chamber Newsletter

May 28th, 2023

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give some updates. We are gearing up for our summer activities! Below I'll have a Picture with some dates and times! Here in a couple of weeks we will be having Ribfest. If you're interested in participating just reach out and let me know! We would love to have all levels of participants amateur to experts! After that we have the city wide garage sales and scavenger’s journey happening! There is still time to make it on the map to participate in the city wide garage sales! Just give us a call with your address and times you will have the garage sale. After that is the 4th of July! We have lots planned already to help you celebrate this year!  Be on the lookout for the 4th of July Posters they will be going up soon! 

A few details; 

Parade Theme is Small Town Big Heart. Parade Marshals are Dr. Jerry & Bette Fogel. Honorary Fireworks is Wes Schell

Parade Starts at 11am! The route will be the same as last year taking us from the park through town and ending at the Nursing home. 

You should also check out the activities going on at the library. She has a great line up for kids aged 0-12! She also has a local Author Book Signing for adults to attend and a Magician coming this summer for anyone who would like to attend. 

In other news our intern, Ryler Stivicks,  for the Chamber has started! So if you see him out and about hanging up posters or working on community events say Hi! 

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