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Gregory Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Newsletter

January 29, 2024

Hey Everyone, just wanted to do some updating and get some information out there. We will be trying to do monthly newsletters which will be emailed to you; you will also be able to find them on our website as well. The Website is up and running now so check it out.

We had a great event at the end of December, this event drew 100 people in attendance. We were also able to have five different businesses involved who profited off this event. This helps our community in the way of sales tax.  A Big thank you to Mr. G’s who catered for us. The Bowling Alley made dessert and it was to die for!  Buche’s had all the things for a great charcuterie board, we also got as much locally as we could. Another thank you to Shelia and Brad Kahler for their donation of plates, napkins, and silverware for the event as well! I would also like to thank my board, Liz, Bobbi, Daryl, Marvin, and Julie for their help setting up the day of. We also had help from a few volunteers, Suzi Smiley, Beth Leber, Darlene Denison, Mark Braun.

Just a quick update about the Chamber Director position, In December we were told that the chamber would need to be funded in a different way. It was either to be not a part of the city or to be more under the city's umbrella. In January the chamber and some of our members went to the council just so we could try and figure out the best way forward for Gregory as a community. The Council voted to pay out a set amount ( 38,000) to the Chamber 2025. Since this starts on July 1st 2024 we will be getting half that amount the later half of the year.  The Chamber Board will then decide how best to use the money, with most of it going to pay the Chamber Director and some left for advertising!

Lastly wanted to tell you Sandy Smith retired from the board as of January 10th at the monthly meeting. Morgan Painter also joined us for that meeting and showed interest in being on the board. We are always looking for board members and volunteers for our events so if you are interested please reach out. 

Thank you

Ana Smiley, Chamber Director

605-835-8270 Ext 5

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