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February 27th, 2024

We have been Planning! Looking forward to March we have the Easter Egg Hunt on the 30th. This is a joint effort with the National Honor Society, they do all the hard work of filling the eggs and helping the day of. The Chamber Supplies the Candy, Eggs, and does the advertising! This year we are going to have it outside downtown. We have done this in the past and it works rather well! Also during the week of easter there will be an adult easter egg hunt, these eggs will have Coupons and Chamber Bucks in them. They will be placed in Participating businesses.  Coming up in April;  we are planning a board game night for teens and adults. Then we have some more of our traditional events like Rib Fest and Fourth of July. We are also looking at doing a street dance this summer as well so be on the lookout for the information about that! 

Moving into membership, I have been out and about delivering  and mailing membership letters. If you haven't seen me yet just know that I will be around soon! I am enjoying talking to everyone and getting ideas on how to better help our businesses! 

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